Adventures in Tioman

Exploration is the name of the game at Tioman – Tioman island is a beautiful, mysterious beast loathe to yield its secrets, and it will take some measure of adventurous and daring to plumb her depths. But no matter if you are a greenhorn whelp or an experienced voyager of the outdoors – our seasoned staff at Aman Tioman will be here to guide you through this magical land.
The oceans are, for the most part, vast, dark deserts, speckled with pockets of shockingly vibrant life. Coral reefs are where all the bounty of the seas gather, and much of its marine life depend on them for survival, whether it be as a pit stop or as a birthing ground. They are jewels, glittering in that liminal zone between the surface and the shadowy deep, their hues variegating across all the colours of the rainbow, their strange, alien structures betraying a fractal, mathematical beauty.
Tioman Island is the proud host of several of these wonders of the ocean – and we are more than happy to help you, our esteemed guests, explore them. We have boats ready to take you out to where these underwater forests lie, where you can peruse them at your leisure.
More casual visitors may choose to snorkel – you can peer down at the coral reefs from above, breathing the air of the surface. We have a round island snorkeling package, where guests can be taken by boat to five different locations on the island and given 30-40 minutes each to explore each site.
More adventurous visitors will want to don scuba gear and plunge straight into the depths below – we offer our guests some of the best diving sites in all of Southeast Asia, with locations suitable for both beginners and experienced divers. For absolute newcomers to diving, we also offer beginners diving courses, which can be included in some of our special packages. We have open water courses, advanced open water courses and many more.
The island itself also has an alluring forest perfect for leisurely treks. This forest, though verdant and thick, is neither foreboding nor unwelcoming. It will not swallow up visitors like the Amazon jungles or the Black Forest – its trees hide no hidden dangers or winding paths. With the help of our experienced guides, anyone can explore this land of leaves and bark and insects and animals. The diversity of flora and fauna here is staggering, but their mysteries are laid bare – our guides can teach you their names, their habits, and their purpose within this intricate web. Trekking through the forest on Tioman Island – immersing yourself in the untouched greenery of nature – is sure to be an experience not easily forgotten.
Last, but not least, visitors can indulge in the simple pleasure of cycling, walking, or kayaking around the island. The views are gorgeous, and the locals are charming and friendly. There is a serenity here, a tranquility that is hard to find anywhere else. Perhaps, it could give you the peace of mind to embark on the greatest adventure of all – the discovery of the world within oneself.