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Corporate event Tioman

You’ve spent a long, hard year working at your organization. Maybe you’ve had a good year. Maybe not. Doesn’t matter. After so many months working together, slogging together, suffering together, why not take the time to have some fun together? Here at Aman Tioman, we cater to all kinds of corporate events. You name it, we do it – team building exercises, awards galas, holiday celebrations, seminars, workshops, charity events.

Tioman Island is small, yes, and it is isolated from the mainland by a not inconsiderable distance. But Aman Tioman Resort is still more than capable of hosting whatever event you choose to hold, even the larger ones.

Aman Tioman will also guarantee top quality accommodations and service for all our guests, as well as some of the most breath-taking natural views that Southeast Asia has to offer. Holding your corporate event at an island resort might seem extravagant, because it is extravagant – and that is precisely the point! The extra cost is more than made up for by the luxury, class, and the air of elite exclusiveness that only an island resort can bring. Having your event here is a bold statement – a declaration that your organization has finally made it, and isn’t afraid of showing it, even in public. After holding your events here, dreary little hotel function rooms won’t ever be enough again.

Activities on Tioman Island

Of course, in the downtime in between your corporate events, guests can take the time to peruse some of Aman’s Tioman’s many entertaining diversions. We have outdoors adventures for intrepid types, and sun-kissed beaches for those who just want a quiet afternoon of sunbathing. We have diving and trekking expeditions, which can be readily integrated into team building exercises. We have excellent food – Malaysian and international cuisine, prepared by top chefs. We have duty free shopping for those who like taking back souvenirs. We even have fully functioning karaoke machines – time to find out which one of your co-workers can sing, and which ones can’t!

We guarantee you that your organization will come away satisfied by your experience holding corporate events at Aman Tioman Resort. There’s a rather large body of research that agrees that exposure to natural landscapes has a healing effect on the human psyche – so what better way to heal long lasting tensions than to bring your crew to an island paradise for a few days? Research also shows that downtime with the people you work with has a lasting, positive effect on productivity. Happy workers are better workers – so, in a sense, holding your corporate events at Aman Tioman will actually make you more money in the long run. Yes, that’s right, you have to spend money to make money, and Aman Tioman Island resort is exactly the right place to invest in to maximize your dividends.

In fact, research also shows that having long standing traditions at an organizations helps to maintain a sense of continuity and loyalty towards the organization – it helps workers feel like they’re not just a cog in some vast, unfeeling machine, but an integral, valued part of something important, something bigger than themselves. So why not make it your company tradition to hold all your events here at Aman Tioman, the best island resort in all of East Malaysia? Come here every year, or twice a year, or whenever you possibly can! Bring everyone, don’t leave anyone out, you don’t want anyone, even the lowliest intern, to feel like they’re not part of the gang. You’ve worked hard to make all that money. You know you deserve it.

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Activities at the Aman Tioman

Rainforest Walk

Explore and trek the lush rainforests of Tioman Island. Immerse yourself in nature and learn about the various flaura and fauna of the island.


Discover the serenity of marine life through snorkeling. Observe the corals and fish through a unique experience like no other.

Diving & Courses

Discover the serenity of marine life through snorkeling. Observe the corals and fish through a unique experience like no other.

Other Activities

Travel around Tioman Island with our guided tours. Witness all of the beauty the island has to offer.


Get a taste of Malaysian cuisine at our very own kopitiam, where we serve only the finest local foods and drinks.

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