Best Dive Center on Tioman

Aman Tioman Dive Center is, hands down, the best dive center in all of Tioman. We have a fully PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) trained crew, two 300-350 horsepower dive boats and a captain that is highly experienced in navigating the waters of Tioman.

Good for all Levels of Divers

We cater to all would-be divers in Tioman – complete newcomers to the world of diving, intermediate level novices as well as seasoned veterans. The waters around Tioman are chock full of great dive sites, with shallower, closer to shore dive sites as well as more challenging, deeper open water sites. The waters themselves are brimming with stunning sights – schools of exotic fish, multi-colourful coral reefs, enigmatic rock formations, and the yawning chasm of the marine abyss, where who-knows-what lurks who-knows-where.

Courses at Affordable Prices

Aman Tioman Dive Center will also help you move up in the world of diving – we offer beginner level courses, advanced courses, and Emergency Response and rescue courses, all at affordable prices.

Resort has Rave Reviews

Why choose Aman Tioman Dive Center, and not some other dive center on Tioman? First and foremost, we offer you accommodations at one of the newest, and in our opinion, the very best, four star resort Tioman Island, Aman Tioman Resort. The resort has everything you could ask for – great food, clean rooms, live entertainment, barbecues, top notch service and more. It has only been open for a few weeks, and it’s already been getting rave reviews on Trip Advisor! Debs from Singapore said called Aman Tioman a “…cool new hotel” with “implacable service”.

Spotless Safety Record

Another reason to choose Aman Tioman Dive Center over any other dive center on Tioman Island is its spotless safety record, with absolutely zero accidents thus far. . We will do our utmost to ensure that our guests will enjoy the best safety possible when diving underwater wearing rebreather gear, and our highly experienced diving staff, graduated from PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) are more than qualified to prevent any untoward incidents from occurring.
Diving is, of course, good fun for all the family, but it is also an activity that is fraught with potential hazards, such as DCS, arterial embolisms, oxygen toxicity, “rapture of the deep”, and so forth. In the past, unscrupulous diving companies have caused the deaths of divers. You’ll need an experienced hand to make sure that your dive goes as smoothly as possible. Rest assured, Aman Tioman Dive Center, the best dive center in Tioman, places safety as its number one priority. Other Attractions
Tioman island isn’t just good for diving – it has tons of other activities for visitors to enjoy. You can go for an adventurous trek in one of its jungles, relax and sunbathe on one of its beaches, and even play foosball for 40 cents a pop at Aman Tioman Resort! The possibilities are endless.