Dive Resort Tioman

Aman Tioman Resort guarantees the best experiences for our guests, both above and below the water. The dive resort facilitates guided excursions around Tioman Island, one of the most beautiful diving destinations in the world. Aman Tioman Resort has all the comforts and amenities one can expect from a four-star luxury resort in a tropical setting. Enjoy snorkeling, diving, jungle trekking, luxury accommodations and fine dining, and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Best Dive Center in Tioman

Aman Tioman Resort is designed with divers at heart. Looking for a world-recognized Scuba Diving School in Tioman? We have an onsite world-class dive center providing an array of PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructor) recreational and professional diving courses. PADI divers hold one of the most respected and sought-after diving credentials globally.

Why Tioman Island?

The stunning beauty of Tioman Island makes it one of Malaysia’s most fascinating destinations. The tropical island is home to some of the most exclusive flora and fauna, giving you a unique opportunity to enjoy nature at its best. The irresistible charms of the pristine island capture the attention of visitors at a glance.
Tioman Island is a diver paradise. The pristine island and its surrounding reefs boast some of the most impressive biodiversity in the region. There are stretches of healthy coral reefs to explore as well as fascinating pinnacles and shipwrecks. Tioman offers excellent visibility with abundant marine life, including thousands of rare and exotic species of fish.

Rainforest Walk

Aman Tioman Resort is more than scuba diving and snorkeling. We offer plenty of stimulating activities ready to help you get the juices flowing. During your stay, you can enjoy guided trips to the lush rainforests around Tioman Island.
It’s an excellent chance to immerse yourself fully and enjoy nature at its best, besides learning about various flora and fauna exclusive to the island. Explore the pristine natural environment as part of the magical experiences with Aman Tioman Resort.

Dive sites

Besides the wide selection of dive sites close to shore, certified divers can explore an array of open water dive sites, including Gaduk Bay, Chebeh, Malang Rock, Tuali, Genting Bay, Magicienne Rock, Sepoi Island, Golden Reef, Tiger Reef, Labas Island, Soyak Island, Sawadee, Priate Reef, Tioman Reef Divers, Renggis, Batu Mambang, Pulau Tokong Bahara and Jahat.
Planning a diving holiday to Tioman Island? Aman Tioman Resort guarantees the ultimate vacation experience on the island, without breaking the bank! Contact us today for a custom package.