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Accommodation in Tioman

Excellent Accommodation

Tioman offers only the best for its visitors – we know that after a long hard day of eating, relaxing and adventuring, you’ll want to return to the best accommodations that money can buy. Don’t worry. We’ve got everything you could ask for. Our service is attentive, yet discreet. Our rooms are spacious and clean. The décor is luxurious, yet tasteful. Our floors are wooden and our tables’ glass – and our balcony views are unparalleled. If you choose to stay in our deluxe rooms, you will be treated to a heart stopping view of the forested hills and the South China Sea. The resort itself is constructed using eco-friendly materials, such as synthetic wood, ensuring that the resort, while surrounded by nature, also exists in harmony with it.
Imagine waking up and going to the window, and instead of looking upon a hideous freeway, or an ugly brick wall, or some glass and steel monstrosity, you are treated to verdant green and cerulean blue.

Great Hospitality

You’ll be well taken care of here, too. Here in Aman Tioman, we’re a strong believer in the ancient notion of sacred hospitality – we treat everyone here, and our guests especially, with the utmost respect. We’ll know to stay out of your way, of course – we won’t get in the way of your special Aman Tioman experience. We’ll be as invisible as we can – you’ll come back to clean corridors, well made beds and sparkling bathrooms, and never know we were there – but the moment you ask, we’ll be at your beck and call. Our room service can provide you with anything you please. We’ll even sprinkle flowers and make your bed sheets look like two swans bumping their heads against each other, if that’s what you’re into.

Accommodates all Guests

We also make sure to accommodate for all kinds of guests. We have rooms specifically designed for couples, families, and single persons. These rooms are family friendly, good for couples and for solo visitors. We have twin sized beds, triple beds and quad beds – plus extra mattresses per request.

Well Equipped

And, of course, we have all the little things one can expect from a modern hotel room accommodations. Electric kettles, coffee and tea making machines, a safety box, a mini fridge, iron (on request), hair dryers, hot showers, Air conditioners, fans, you get the idea. We also have a 40 inch LCD TV for when you want to indulge your inner couch potato.
We don’t go too fancy with our furnishing. We know that simple is best – no strange themes or forced attempts to make things look special. Our design philosophy can be described as functional, yet aesthetic – rustic and modern. We’ve got spiked arches, reminiscent of the old longhouses that once dotted this land, but with a modern twist. We’ve got tasteful art in the rooms too – none of that abstract, postmodern, just expertly taken, beautifully shot photographs of the marine life that’s waiting for you a few meters outside.

Feel like Royalty

Staying at Aman Tioman isn’t quite palatial, but it’s as close as you can get without being born to royal blood. Come to Tioman island and feel like kings and queens. Come to Tioman island, and, for a few days, leave your plebeian lifestyle behind.

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Activities at the Aman Tioman

Rainforest Walk

Explore and trek the lush rainforests of Tioman Island. Immerse yourself in nature and learn about the various flaura and fauna of the island.


Explore the mysteries of the ocean, where every dive is a journey into the unknown, and every moment holds the promise of adventure and awe.

Diving & Courses

Discover the serenity of marine life through snorkeling. Observe the corals and fish through a unique experience like no other.

Other Activities

Travel around Tioman Island with our guided tours. Witness all of the beauty the island has to offer.


Get a taste of Malaysian cuisine at our very own kopitiam, where we serve only the finest local foods and drinks.

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