Have a Romantic Honeymoon in Tioman

Nothing screams romance quite like a vacation on an island paradise – and we have plenty of stimulating activities ready to help you get the juices flowing. Diving, snorkeling, jungle trekking, sunbathing and fine dining (hyperlinks to relevant pages), all perfect for taking your mind off of a hectic wedding and a strained relationship. Honeymoon with us on Tioman Island, and we’ll offer you a holiday package that you’ll never forget!

Beautiful natural environment

Love is all about life – new life in particular – and nowhere is this more apparent in the most fertile locales that nature has to offer, like the lush green forests of Tioman Island and the Technicolor reefs surrounding it. Everywhere you turn, you’ll be reminded of romance – blooming flowers, fruits and nuts laying around the floor the hooting of animals small and large, and the brazenly displayed gamete producing organs of coral reefs, literally covering the ocean floor. Honeymooning here means being surrounded by Tioman’s expressions of floral and faunal love.

Have a Magical Experience with Aman Tioman Resort

There are some places in the world where the connection between cause and effect is far from straightforward – where synchronistic relationships are established between actions and events that cannot be reasoned. Tioman Island is such a place, because once, long ago, the island itself was an expression of the parabolic – in the distant past, the island was not of rock and stone, but flesh and blood. It was a member of a royal family of Tarragons from the land that will come to be known as the Middle Kingdom. It had fallen in love with a distant Singaporean prince, but alas, the dalliance was short – their anatomies were proven fundamentally incompatible – and the Tarragon, heartbroken, and flew a hundred or so kilometers to the north of the prince’s island kingdom, onto a spot far from land, far from any living thing, in the barren desert of the open sea.

There she rested her serpentine body, winding her anfractuous coils into a ball that raised her above the ocean floor, letting her head bask in the light of the surface sun. Centuries passed – and life came to her once more, as she was colonized by the birds and beasts and aquatic creatures that would keep her company for centuries more. Her two horns, each 700 meters tall, remain the most recognizable landmarks on the island. And for the bargain price of 470 RM per person (3 day 2 nights snorkeling package for 2 pax), you too could come to keep this sleeping Wyvern company! Have your honeymoon here at Tioman Island, and have the romance the island never had the chance to have!

Honeymoon Packages at Tioman Island

We know that you lovey dovey couples just clamoring to come and see this drake-born island and the waters around it – and Aman Tioman Resort is only too happy to host you and your sweetheart for these very reasonable prices. Aman Tioman Resort is partnered with Aman Tioman Diving Center – a brand new, experienced diving center that caters to snorkelers and divers of all skill levels.