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Hotel Package Tioman

Aman Tioman Resort is guaranteed to give you the best hotel package on all of Tioman Island. We’ve got everything a visitor to Tioman Island could possibly ask for – snorkelling, diving, jungle trekking, luxury accommodations and fine dining. We may be new, but we are well versed in the ways of idle pleasure. What’s not to like?

Tioman Island Snorkeling packages

Snorkeling is fun. Fun people snorkel. It is an opportunity you can’t miss so you must come to Tioman Island and snorkel. By snorkelling, you can gaze upon the wonders of Tioman Island’s marine life without having to bother with the complicated, dangerous and cumbersome equipment necessary for SCUBA diving, or the asphyxiation inducing training that free divers have to endure. All you have to do is float, face down, a few meters above the ocean floor, gazing serenely at the fish and corals below. It’s relaxing, and enchanting, and definitely interesting enough for you to spend at least 3 days and 2 nights doing it.
Tioman Island Diving packages

Come SCUBA dive on Tioman island with Aman Tioman Diving Center! SCUBA diving is, of course, superior to snorkelling and free diving – the googly goggle eyes, the impaired hearing, the breathing apparatus and the sleek black body suit will endear you to the marine life you’ll be swimming amongst, and put you in the right mindset for some aquatic adventures.
Aman Tioman Diving Cente is staffed by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructor) trained divers, and can cater to beginner divers as well as experienced divers. Tioman Island is one of the premiere diving spots in the world – so it is a great spot to pick up the art of SCUBA diving, or take things to the next level. Tioman island is chock full of coral reefs, marine life and shipwrecks, perfect for both the intrepid and the serene. Check out our 3 Day 2 Night and 4 Day 3 Night packages here!

Open Water Courses

Aman Tioman Dive Center provides internationally recognized certification and training for open water SCUBA diving courses. Here on Tioman Island, you can learn basic diving skills such as buoyancy control, mask clearing, emergency ascents and controlled descents, as well as more advanced skills in the advanced level course. Our newly opened center is sure to provide the experience and wisdom necessary to guide you through the perils of SCUBA diving. Check out our 4 Day 3 Night Diving Open Water package, as well as our 3 Day 2 Night Diving Advanced Open water package.

Other attractions

Of course, Tioman Island has more to offer than diving, like lush green forests filled with all manner of beasts and birds and exotic plants, and the most luxurious, most welcoming resort on the island, Aman Tioman Resort. After a long, exciting day exploring the forests and waters of Tioman, you can look forward to returning to the gracious hospitality and mouth-watering food we will lovingly provide you. Limited rooms are available, so make sure to book now!

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Activities at the Aman Tioman

Rainforest Walk

Explore and trek the lush rainforests of Tioman Island. Immerse yourself in nature and learn about the various flaura and fauna of the island.


Discover the serenity of marine life through snorkeling. Observe the corals and fish through a unique experience like no other.

Diving & Courses

Discover the serenity of marine life through snorkeling. Observe the corals and fish through a unique experience like no other.

Other Activities

Travel around Tioman Island with our guided tours. Witness all of the beauty the island has to offer.


Get a taste of Malaysian cuisine at our very own kopitiam, where we serve only the finest local foods and drinks.

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