Rainforest Walk

Explore and trek the lush rainforests around Tioman Island. Engage with our island trekking tours and immerse yourself fully in nature. Our guides will provide guests with a safe trekking experience and ensure a pleasant journey in the forests. During the treks, guests can learn about the various flaura and fauna native to the island. As Tioman Island is home to a wide variety of rare animals, it provides a chance for guests to see animals such as macaques and black giant squirrels. The silence of the forests along with chirps of birds and insects, will definitely leave our guests in a state of harmony and being at one with nature.

Untouched Nature

Although Tioman is one of East Malaysia’s most commercially developed islands, some of its natural beauty still remains – many parts of the island are completely untouched by resorts, pollution and rubbish, and thus draw thousands upon thousands of tourists every week who are looking to experience Southeast Asia’s natural beauty. Imagine walking through verdant green forests, with the chirping and hooting noises of animals all around you, the rich smell of flowers and loam, and the crunching of leaves underfoot. It is a truly ethereal experience, elevated by the knowledge that these are the good times – and a sight like this a precious thing not long for this world. If you want to experience something like this, then Aman Tioman Resort is right here waiting for your arrival.

Forest Treks

Tioman Island has a number of forest treks that take you from one kampong to another. Navigation is easy – as long as you follow the power lines and make it out of the forest by dark, as there is little risk of getting lost. In recent years, all cases of missing tourists have been found and accounted for, and all were attributed to other reasons rather than misadventure. Since the year 2000,, no one has ever become seriously lost in Tioman Island’s forests.

Experienced Guides

Of course, you don’t have to go wandering off into jungle by yourself. Aman Tioman Resort can provide you forest guides well versed in the ways of the forest, who are intimately familiar with its flora, fauna, environments and its hazards. Many of our guides are local, and there can be no better person to guide you through this parlous landscape.

Chinese Royalty

As believed in the legend by the locals, the island of Pulau Tioman is the transmutation of sovereign Wyvern’s (a type of dragon) daughter – after she became enamored with a Singaporean native, she traveled to where Tioman Island currently resides, and decided to settle there permanently. Her horns are the most prominent landmark in the area – two 700m tall sheer rock formations, highly sought after by visiting rock climbers. Climbers may begin from Mukut Village, then proceed to approach the twin peaks from multiple vectors.

Private Beaches

One of the great joys of trekking is the solitude that it can bring – finding a deserted beach, devoid of human life except for you and your companions, is one such joy. Monkey beach is one such beach, and as the name suggests, the place is absolutely stuffed to the brim with adorable little monkeys. Although monkeys have gotten a bad rap for aggressive behavior, you will be perfectly safe as long as you don’t carry any food with you, don’t make eye contact with them, don’t look at them, stay out of their ear shot, aren’t travelling in groups of less than six people, and have some kind of heavy object for self-defense. Waterfalls
Intrepid trekkers may also trek towards waterfalls found in the middle of Tioman – for the most part, these waterfalls are cool, refreshing, and quite hygienic.


Of course, at the end of a long day of jungle trekking and exploring, you’ll want to return to the warm embrace of modern comfort in, say, a luxury hotel. Don’t fret! Aman Tioman Resort is here to satisfy those needs, with 4 star accommodation, delicious food and generous hospitality.