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Pulau Tioman Chalet

Better Than Chalet – Holiday Accommodation Ideal for You

The type of accommodation you choose is critical to your overall holiday experience. Different accommodations vary in terms of size, function, and architecture style. Chalets, in particular, are popular holiday homes in ski and hiking destinations around the world. Also, a few chalets are actually situated near the beach. This type of accommodation is typically made of wood and characterized by a gently sloping roof.

If you are looking for luxury and more comfortable holiday experience in an island destination such as Pulau Tioman, then a hotel or resort is a way better option. Booking a resort is a more practical solution for your vacation since you don’t have to worry about cleaning, daily chores, or shopping. Resorts generally offer incredible overall package value.

At Aman Tioman Resort, everything is taken off for your convenience. All you need to do is sit back and unwind while laying your worries to rest in a dream island. The resort has a restaurant where you can sample both local and foreign cuisines. The onsite Aman Tioman Dive Center has PADI certified instructors to provide guided scuba dive excursions. Strategically located on the island, the premier dive center is the perfect place for divers to master their craft.

Resorts such as Aman Tioman are designed to provide comfort and recreation over and above the accommodation, dining, and basic amenities. In this regard, we are an excellent choice for holidaymakers looking for a more relaxing holiday experience, far beyond what is provided by chalets or hotels. The bar is pretty high in terms of food, drinks, lodging, entertainment, and spa, among other amenities offered within the resort.

Luxury Accommodation in Tioman

Aman Tioman Resort is hands down one of the best, if not the best accommodation in Tioman. Cozy up at our home away from home, whether it’s for a honeymoon, big celebration or a long overdue family weekend. Built with unmatched facilities, our resort offers the ultimate holiday experience with your nearest and dearest. There are plenty of exciting activities to choose from, with scuba diving and forest excursions being top favorites.

Offering tranquillity and a rustic environment, Aman Tioman Resort is a highly rated accommodation. Excellent dining experience during your vacation in Tioman Island is a fundamental part of our client experience. The bar is continually raised in search of the perfect holiday for our guests. Whether vacation alone or with family and friends, you can expect bespoke services.

Why look anywhere else? We are ready to satisfy all your Tioman holiday desires. Give us a call today to book a dream holiday on Tioman Island.

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Activities at the Aman Tioman

Rainforest Walk

Explore and trek the lush rainforests of Tioman Island. Immerse yourself in nature and learn about the various flaura and fauna of the island.


Explore the mysteries of the ocean, where every dive is a journey into the unknown, and every moment holds the promise of adventure and awe.

Diving & Courses

Discover the serenity of marine life through snorkeling. Observe the corals and fish through a unique experience like no other.

Other Activities

Travel around Tioman Island with our guided tours. Witness all of the beauty the island has to offer.


Get a taste of Malaysian cuisine at our very own kopitiam, where we serve only the finest local foods and drinks.

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