Wide Options Of Dive Package

An exquisite South China Sea Jewel off the east coast of Malaysia, Pulau Tioman is a dream destination with pristine beaches that soothe your mind, body, and soul. A treat for the senses, the island will truly delight you with its abundant marine life. Aman Tioman Resort boasts a large following of repeat guests, who are always seeking for thrilling underwater experiences. Its idyllic setting makes it a perfect spot for thrill-seekers looking to undertake scuba classes.

What to expect?

Diving and snorkeling is an unmatched underworld experience, and Pulau Tioman has one of the most incredible coral reefs in Malaysia. The coral reef and its vibrant life are pristine and untouched, thus providing an exclusive aquatic experience that few people get to see. There are many world-class dive sites around Tioman that you can explore during your vacation.
The temperature of the water is mostly warm, making it ideal for scuba diving. Also, the clear quality of the water allows sunlight to shine into deeper depths. You could sight fascinating marine animals, including Titan Trigger Fish, the Trevallies, Fusiliers, and the Cornet fish. These animals are perfectly harmless and might even enjoy swimming close by.

Scuba diving in Tioman

The onsite Aman Tioman dive center facilitates both training and leisure dives. We provide quality training and certification for PADI scuba courses. Scuba diving in Tioman is the perfect chance to experience the breathtaking underwater of sea life, fascinating coral formations, and schools of exclusive fish.
Aman Tioman dive center provides fully tailored scuba diving packages to cater for both children and adults. With us, you are in the right hands, whether you are a beginner or an advanced diver. The PADI certified dive center offers a full range of diving courses for all levels from open water diver to dive professional. Our scuba skills refresher course is excellent for divers who want to update or polish up their diving skills.
As part of our scuba diving package, we set up your diving gear and equipment such as Tanks, weights, and weights belt to ensure a safe and comfortable diving experience. With affordable scuba packages, guests can book with Aman Tioman Dive Resort and enjoy leisure and training dives during their stay. Enjoy our dive excursions as you board a boat from the resort and sail blissfully to world-class diving sites.


Aman Tioman Resort is just a boat ride away from the elusive marine life and colorful coral reefs in Pulau Tioman. We are ideal accommodation in Tioman for guests who want a relaxing vacation to let their hair down and enjoy nature at its best.