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Pulau Tioman has some of the most beautiful and colorful marine life you can find in the South China Sea. The island is the epitome of paradise and offers breathtaking views that are out of this world. The sheer beauty and beautiful marine life surrounding Tioman Island make it a dream destination for non-divers and divers alike.
The pristine scuba diving sites nearby Aman Tioman Resort are famous for their excellent visibility and warm waters. With competitive rates for varying scuba packages, guests can book with Aman Tioman Resort and enjoy scuba dives during their vacation.

Scuba Diving destination

Scuba diving is a must-do activity when visiting beautiful Tioman Island. It just about one of the coolest adventures you could ever have. Exploring the underwater world is a memorable experience that opens your eyes to something new. Pulau Tioman has pristine wilderness area hidden beneath the surface of the sea, a wilderness just as diverse and exclusive as the pristine beaches.
Divers are especially fascinated by beautiful coral fishes, besides other rare and exotic animals including cetaceans, chelonii, echidnoderms, and Medusozoa. Pulau Tioman offers pristine coral reefs with an extensive range of sea life, from beautiful coral fishes to the giant blacktip shark. Under most circumstances, the magnificent but timid sharks remain at a safe distance and are perfectly harmless.

World-class dive center

The onsite Aman Tioman diving center is PADI accredited and offers a full range of scuba diving courses for beginners through to master divers. Trained and fully certified professionals plan the dive excursions, assist divers, and check their equipment to ensure a remarkable dive experience. The boat crews are incredibly knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the island.
Aman Tioman diving center provides scuba excursions in Tioman for both leisure and training dives. We also offer snorkeling packages. Before any diving excursions, we carry out thorough briefings and checks, to ensure maximum enjoyment while underwater. Aman Tioman diving center uses the best quality scuba equipment and employs rigid safety and maintenance standards.


Offering world-class luxury accommodation, Aman Tioman resort is elegantly designed and boasts the best amenities you can expect from a 4-star resort. The newly built resort is easily the most comfortable in all of Tioman Island. When it comes to comfort, food, and value for money, Aman Tioman Resort is ahead of the curve. We’ve got everything you could ask for in terms of accommodation in Tioman.
We offer personalized accommodation for all kinds of guests, including couples, families, and solo travelers. For a competitive price, enjoy 4-star luxury with excellent dining options, including seafood, coffee shop, buffet, and grill. Are you seeking for the ultimate scuba diving experience in Tioman? Contact us today for a customized package.