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Scuba Walking Tioman

Marine Life Up Close and Personal

The reefs surrounding Tioman Island are teeming with marine life – fish, crabs, sharks, corals, cetaceans, – and the best way to view them is up close and personal. One way to do that is to be like a fish, and learn how to scuba dive, but that requires no small amount of specialized training for it to be safe. Much easier to just walk among the fishes, no?
These reefs has an incredible amount of biodiversity, and is responsible for supporting the marine ecosystem of much of the region. Diving here would be an almost hypnagogic experience – imagine being surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colors, dazzling and phosphorescent, whirling around you like a rainbow thrown into a blender. Fun times indeed.

Easier than Scuba Diving

Aman Tioman Dive Center offers members the unforgettable experience of scuba walking. Scuba walking is simple – all you have to do is chuck on a helmet, submerge yourself, and then walk as you would on dry land, albeit at a slower pace than usual. So long as you keep away from underwater cliffs and refrain from kicking up sand, dive walking is safe too! Scuba walking is great for a quick and easy marine adventure, great fun for the whole family.

Celebrate Tradition

Scuba walking has an even longer history than scuba diving – helmet toting dive walkers count among the very first divers of the early modern era. By scuba walking at Tioman Island, you can join in this hallowed tradition of helmeted walkers of the sea floor, becoming part of a lineage that includes the most intrepid of salvagers, drillers and explorers.

Top notch services

Aman Tioman Dive Center has two powerful, air conditioning equipped scuba diving boats and an experienced dive crew ready to take you to any one of Tioman Island’s many reefs, all at a moment’s notice. With these men and women at the helm, you are guaranteed a safe, fun and fuss-free diving experience.

Luxurious facilities

Aman Tioman Dive Center is partnered with Aman Tioman Resort, Tioman Island’s newest resort. Aman Tioman Resort is a four star resort with everything a holiday-goer could ask for – 4 star accommodations, great dining options (seafood, coffee shop, buffet and grill) and ever-vigilant security. For an eminently reasonable price, you can enjoy Tioman Island while wrapped in a cloak of opulence and luxury.

Other attractions

Of course, Tioman Island has so much more to offer beyond its marine attractions. Tioman Island itself hosts a verdant green jungle brimming with exotic flora and fauna. This jungle may look unforgiving – but it is easily traversable with the help of our experienced guides and by following the island’s electrical wiring. Tioman Island is also host to one of the region’s most famous rock climbing destinations – two 700 meter tall mountains called the Dragon’s Horns. Several routes have already been marked out by experienced rock climbers from all over the world. For the young (and the young at heart), Tioman Island is also known for its rocking party scene.

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Activities at the Aman Tioman

Rainforest Walk

Explore and trek the lush rainforests of Tioman Island. Immerse yourself in nature and learn about the various flaura and fauna of the island.


Discover the serenity of marine life through snorkeling. Observe the corals and fish through a unique experience like no other.

Diving & Courses

Discover the serenity of marine life through snorkeling. Observe the corals and fish through a unique experience like no other.

Other Activities

Travel around Tioman Island with our guided tours. Witness all of the beauty the island has to offer.


Get a taste of Malaysian cuisine at our very own kopitiam, where we serve only the finest local foods and drinks.

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