Snorkeling in Tioman Island provides an exhilarating experience. Guests can get a glimpse of the colourful reefs and beautiful marine life around the island with ease. As guided tours are provided by our very own snorkeling guides, trained professionals will help provide guests a safe and meaningful experience.
At Aman Tioman, our touring range includes certain areas around Renggis Island and Tulai Island (also known as Coral Island). Availability of tours will depend on the weather and sea conditions of the various areas at the time, along with the availability of our boats. Guests are encouraged to book early to ensure a spot on the tours.

Experience Our Highly Rated Snorkeling Package

Aman Tioman Resort is nestled at an idyllic location along a pristine beach of sandy beach with the clearest of blue water. The luxurious Aman Tioman Resort may well be the crowning jewel of Pulau Tioman. Guests at our resort enjoy the ultimate relaxation with incredible views, a picture-perfect Golden sandy beach.
Miles of pristine coral reefs provide habitats for the thousands of varieties of marine life that can be explored beneath the clear blue waters of the South China Sea. Both local and foreign enthusiasts flock Pulau Tioman to explore some of Malaysia’s most exclusive and diverse underwater world. It’s the perfect gateway to go off-grid and unwind, but for thrill-seekers, there is an array of activities to enjoy.
Snorkeling is the go-to activity in Tioman for guests looking to explore colorful reefs and beautiful marine life around the island. It’s a great attraction for both non-divers and experienced divers.

One-of-a-kind Snorkeling Experience

Snorkeling is, without doubt, a unique experience for thrill-seekers and adrenaline enthusiasts. It’s mostly like visiting another planet full of elusive fish and coral reefs. For first time divers, it’s astonishing and humbling seeing how significant ocean life is.
Aman Tioman Resort facilitates guided snorkeling excursions provided by trained professionals to ensure a safe and meaningful experience. The tours sell out quickly, so we encourage our guests to book early enough.

Scuba Diving Lessons

As a diver, having the necessary certification is not only a proof of competence but also shows your level of proficiency. Aman Tioman Resort has an onsite dive center providing diving lessons that are inclusive of equipment use, instructions, and certification. For beginners, we teach you how to use diving equipment such as scuba-tank.
Also, you get to learn necessary skills such as how to use hand signals to communicate underwater, getting water out of the eye mask, among other skills to ensure safe and comfortable underwater exploration. Be it swimming with fish or just marveling at the underwater wonders; you need the training to ensure a safe and fun experience.
The onsite Aman Tioman Dive Center has everything you need for both training and leisure dives. Divers can rent a variety of dive equipment that is well maintained and serviced.
Aman Tioman Dive Center is fully accredited by the globally recognized PADI diving education system. Armed with your training, enjoy the incredible species of flora and fauna that roam the South China Sea.

Accommodation for Divers

Aman Tioman Resort offers a memorable stay in cozy rooms with everything you would expect. Come and join us at Aman Tioman and enjoy an unforgettable snorkeling experience. Here you will be surrounded by breathtaking beauty as you discover one of the best-kept secrets in Peninsular Malaysia.
You can choose from an array of custom dive and accommodation packages. After thrilling adventures in Tioman, guests are served with an excellent selection of both local and international cuisines. Book with us and enjoy an abundance of amenities and comforts for the ultimate snorkeling holiday.

Our Customers Love Our Snorkeling Package

Snorkeling is an excellent way to discover the mesmerizing magical charm that is Pulau Tioman. The island is surrounded by crystal clear freshwater with incredible visibility and pleasant temperatures. Treat yourself to relaxing and adrenaline full times with our snorkeling tours.
Snorkeling is one of the most sought after experiences for holidaymakers looking to push their limits. It’s an experience that stimulates you mentally, physically, and opens your eyes to something new; have you seen beautiful corals and fishes up close? For me, snorkeling is one of a kind adventure that puts me back in touch with nature. Tioman Island is well known for its world-class snorkeling spots. It’s an ideal location for thrill seekers craving for underwater adventure. The island is a special place that has become the ultimate getaway for dive enthusiasts.
Aman Tioman Resort is built at a prime beachfront location that is a boat ride from the best dives sites that Malaysia has to offer. The sites are pristine and boast an unrivalled variety of marine life. We are well-positioned to make sure you dive and snorkel to your heart’s content.

What to expect

If you wish to enjoy the most out of snorkelling in Pulau Tioman, book with us and we will guide you to the best untouched and secluded locations. The Aman Tioman Diving center offers quality snorkelling lessons in a beautiful and pristine environment. We have put together an excellent mix of snorkelling gear to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. Our snorkelling packages are competitively priced and provide dive enthusiasts with great fun and a much-needed diving experience.
Aman Tioman Resort has a unique way of meeting your adventure expectations. During the excursions, our experienced guides will point out elusive fish and marine life. We take our time to explore the pristine coral reef teaming with incredible sights including turtles and large shoals of colourful fish and plenty more. Guests are encouraged to book early to ensure a spot on the snorkelling excursions.

The Ultimate Accommodation

Aman Tioman offers perfect, stylish, family-friendly, and luxurious accommodation right at the heart of Pulau Tioman Island. For both divers and non-divers, you don’t need to go far to discover the underwater paradise when you let us accommodate you at Aman Tioman Resort. Guests are surrounded by the beauty that is unmatched anywhere on earth.
We’ve got all the amenities and comfort you can expect from a 4-star resort. Come and join us in Pulaum Tioman and enjoy the most incredible snorkeling experience of your life. Don’t dream it-book today!