Where To Stay In Tioman

Tioman Island has plenty of great places for visitors to stay – like chalets, camp sites, and resorts. However, the best option for visitors, is, of course, to stay at a resort like Aman Tioman Resort. When you weigh it up against the other options, and judge them according to a set of objectively chosen criteria, there really is no contest.


Obviously, luxury resorts are more comfortable than chalets and camp sites. That almost goes without saying. And Aman Tioman Resort is the most comfortable resort in all of Tioman Island, with clean, spacious rooms, impeccable service and gourmet food.


Granted, attacks against tourists are exceedingly rare on Tioman. That said, security in resorts is much better than in chalets, campsites and resorts, because of the presence of dedicated security guards, security systems and rooms with doors that have locks.


Staying at Aman Tioman Resort is the best way to ensure reliable, quality meals from stylish modern restaurants. This option is much superior to, say, camp heated baked beans, instant noodles and sardines. We have a wonderful seafood restaurant, Ocean Bliss that only serves the freshest seasonal seafood, and a kopitiam that serves authentic local cuisine.


Most people will agree that luxury resorts are the classier option for accommodations. The very existence of a luxury resort, staffed by large numbers of people, is indicative of class in more ways than one. That is to say, staying at a luxury resort is a statement that you have class, and that you enjoy the good things life has to offer such as fine comfort and luxury. Thus, Aman Tioman Resort is the premium option for those who want to classy living arrangements on Tioman Island – it is a wonderful way to gift your loved ones and friends a weekend of wonderful memories.


As stated above, you get what you pay for when you stay at a luxury resort like Aman Tioman. For what you’re getting, it’s well worth it!

Environmental Impact

Aman Tioman Resort is made from environmentally friendly materials such as synthetic wood, making it more ecologically responsible than other comparable resorts. This is an especially important for an island with such a fragile ecosystem and heavy tourist presence. If you’re environmentally conscious, then this resort is the perfect choice for you.

Diving and Snorkeling

Aman Tioman Resort also has an in house diving center, Aman Tioman Diving Center, which provides excursions for both beginner level and experienced divers, as well as comprehensive, PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certified basic and advanced diving courses. The resort also offers snorkeling packages.


Aman Tioman resort also has experienced forest guides to help show you around TIoman Island’s wonderful forest landscape. The forests of Tioman may be alluring, but there’s no better way to explore them than by having a dedicated guide take you around to show you the sights. Staying with us guarantees that you would be able to make it through Tioman’s thick forest without incident.


Luxury resorts like Aman Tioman Resort are, of course, a more romantic place to stay than, say, a campsite, where one may be expected to be assailed by all manner of insects, and subjected to such indignities as ‘no air-conditioning’, ‘no running water’ and ‘no scented soap’. Chalets may afford somewhat more privacy than a resort, but our expert staff know how to be discreet, and will help you deal with inconveniences like having to clean your own room and cook your own food. Scuba Diving Course Tioman
Tioman Island is the perfect place for aspiring divers to learn their craft – the island’s beautiful waters, perfect weather and rich repository of marine life make it an absolute pleasure to dive in. Aman Tioman Dive Center, the premiere dive center on the island. Welcome, and hope to see you here soon!